The KKIS Difference

We have to become a learning society, committed to quality education from early childhood right through to re-training in later life.

Bill Shorten

Knights of Knowledge International School is not just a school that applies basic education standards, it also encourages students to apply twenty- one century skills. KKIS supports talents and adopts creative ideas of students and staff. KKIS aims to be a role model in education that other educational institutes would emulate.   As an International school, guided by our Vision and Mission, we provide educational opportunities that serve both the Saudi and international community in Jeddah, and we have students from diverse backgrounds. We at KKIS, enjoy the harmonious environment and benefit from our diverse community. 

What makes KKIS Unique

Outstanding Leadership Team

A distinguished leadership team seeks to provide a comfortable learning environment for both students and teachers that leads to effective and  advance educational process. Our students, teachers and parents always get and give the “SUPPORT” needed, and this is what makes our leadership team distinctive! 

Exceptional Teachers

KKIS is remarkably keen on professional development for its staff. We believe advancement and success of our teachers will directly be reflected on our students. KKIS teachers:- Are highly educated.- Are very experienced.- Apply international educational standards.- Integrate technology effectively.- Continuously get the support to success and bloom. 

Engaging Our Parents

Our school believes in the importance of partnership with parents that will benefit our students. Parents are our partners of excellence and success.