Elementary School

Elementary school serves grade 1 up to grade 5 where our students start their learning journey.

Through our American curriculum, professional and dedicated teachers, rich and diverse environment we aspire to enrich our students’ learning experiences.

At KKIS, we think about how not just what students learn, that’s why we believe in integrated learning theme. An integrated learning theme connects different areas of study. It focuses on making connections that allow students to engage in a relevant, meaningful activities that could be connected to real life.

Areas of learning

  • Understanding English, Communication and Language
  • Social Studies 
  • Arabic
  • Islamic 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science
  • Computer (Computing and Robotics) 


In elementary levels, we conduct formative assessment through quizzes, tests, projects, presentations and activities.

Formative assessments evaluate how students are learning material throughout the term. Formative assessments work great when they’re used on a regular basis. This regularity is based on schedule that is shared with students and parents at the beginning of each term.